Review and evaluation on actual status of E-library service infrastructure in Hanoi university in delivering library services for foreign languages learning and teaching

This paper presents the review and evaluation on the actual status of the infrastructure of the E-Library (e-lib) in Hanoi University and suggests some solutions to improving the quality of infrastructure and library services for foreign language learning and teaching.
Thanks to technological advancement and the world trend in library development, e-lib has become all the more popular and played an important role in assisting foreign language learning and teaching. The development of e-lib relies on infrastructure to a great extent. Therefore, it is necessary to review and evaluate the status-quo of the infrastructure of Hanoi University Library in the context that it is moving towards e-lib and digital library in support of foreign language learning and inter-discipline.

Review of the actual status of the infrastructure of E-lib in Hanoi University.
Nguyễn Tiến Đức (2005) believes that there are six components making up of an electronic library. Based on this, the infrastructure of the Library of Hanoi University includes:
Intranet and Internet connection: including 02 optical Fiber-To-The-Home lines provided by FPT and VNPT
Server system: one Libol, 02 Proxy servers and 01 website server.
Workstation system: approximately 200 Internet and Intranet-enabled computers (general configuration: Processor 1.8 Ghz; Operating system: Win XP; hard disk: 40 Gb; RAM: 512MB; CRT monitor etc.,)
Specialised technology equipment: 01 scanner, 01 printer, 01 bar code printer, 04 bar code scanner, 02 magnetic reduction machines.
Library management software: Libol Version 6.0 offered by Tinh Van Software Solutions and System Integration Company Ltd.
Infrastructure regarding room, table, chair and other facilities: 07 functional rooms, 03 group work rooms with a maximum of 16 persons per room, 01 training room equipped with 30 Internet-connected computers, 01 Internet search room equipped with 100 Internet-enabled computers, 30 workstations, 08 search computers in material rooms, a system of industrial airconditioners, 120 wall fans, security camera, automated magnetic doors, and 01 projector etc.,
E-lib services at Hanoi University in support of foreign language learning and teaching
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) Service: this service helps users search for materials f-rom any Internet-connected computer through OPAC based on Libol software. Users can find data based on topic, author, key word, year of publication or publisher. Survey results show that 41.10% rate the quality of the service as good and fairly good.
Service of loan, return, extension of material and on-the-spot reading: Statistics reveals that the library daily serves approximately 1,000 to 1,200 of loaning and returning the materials. Four reading rooms serve up to 340 readers at the same time.
Internet search and online learning: users could access language learning websites, listen and watch language video clips on youtube, and employ English Discovery Online (EDO) software. On average, 100-150 users go for this service daily.

Photo1: Internet search room
Service on mp3 file search and use for listening comprehension practice: this service helps users search and use sound files relevant to listening comprehension materials available in the library. At present, 06 workstations support 20-40 arrivals of users per day.
Online support service: this helps users search and use materials through Zopim chat function on the website. On daily average, around 3-10 questions have been addressed.
Information user training service: this service provides users with information use, evaluation and search skills, software-using skills such as Endnote, EDO, SPSS, Microsoft office etc., Annually, around 3000 users are trained.
Group work service: this services facilitates group work, language practice and presentation skill practice. Statistics f-rom Hanoi University Library’s Information Q&A and Training Division shows that around 60 shifts with approximately of 240 persons out of 3 group work rooms have been served weekly.

Photo 2: Group work room, Fourth floor –Hanoi University Library
However, survey conducted 2013 on the evaluation of quality of library services indicates that 41.7% of readers rate the response level of facilities as being average (Kep, 2013). This is due to the infrastructure shortcomings such as: computers provided since 2013 have become obsolete with low configuration; open learning space and group work room on the fourth floor remain unairconditioned; the Library has not been provided a specialised software for digital material management – a key factor determining the development of digital library. The management of digital materials temporarily employs Libol sub software, thus impacting on the capacity of searching, getting access to full online texts and digitalising the materials.

To better meet foreign language training needs of the University, we suggest the following solutions:
The Library should be equipped with a new system of operational computers and workstations to meet the need for internal search as well as Internet search by users and library staff.
Air-conditioners and projectors for group work rooms, training rooms together with complementary chairs for the self-study area in the fourth floor should be available.
Investment should be made for digital material management System. Solutions could be concerned with the use of open sourcecode as employed by many universities at home and abroad such as Dspace and Green Stone.

Provided with the current infrastructure, E-lib of Hanoi University could well organise fundamental services assisting foreign language learning and teaching. 2013 survey result shows that 11 out of 13 information services of the Library have been rated as fairly good. Service of loan, return, extension of material and on-the-spot online booking, user training has been rated fairly good and good (Kep, 2013).
E-lib has strongly facilitated learning and teaching activities in several educational institutions. Towards the development of a state-of-the-art e-lib, the Library of Hanoi University has enjoyed great investment to enhance training quality in general and language training work in particular.

Đức, N. T. (2005). Xây dựng Thư viện điện tử và vấn đề số hóa tài liệu ở Việt Nam. Tạp chí Thông tin và Tư liệu, 2.
Kép, N. V. (2013). Phát triển dịch vụ thông tin tại Thư viện Trường Đại học Hà Nội. (Luận văn), Trường Đại học Văn hóa Hà Nội, Hà Nội.
Người đăng:Nguyễn Văn Kép, MA
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