ONLINE registration for eLibraryUSA Digital Library now AVAILABLE

Dear English Teachers, I am pleased to inform you that teachers and students now can register for a free individual account to access eLibraryUSA Digital Library.

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Please visit: to register for an account. It takes you just one minute to complete the online form.
If your faculty/department/institution would like to request a customized training on how to use this digital library, please feel free to me know.
eLibraryUSA Digital Library
Bringing America’s ideas, intellect and information to the world.

eLibraryUSA gives visitors of the American Centers around the world access to information that Americans find at their public libraries. We have a broad range of resources about learning English, American history and culture, health, business, and more.
The American Center Hanoi provides free eLibraryUSA patron accounts to Vietnamese citizens (with a Vietnam national ID card) living f-rom Quang Tri to the north of Vietnam; people living f-rom Hue to the south of Vietnam please contact the American Center in Ho Chi Minh City. Please fill out the online registration form to have your own account and remember to follow the below Terms of Use:
·       All Patrons must agree to the eLibraryUSA Terms of Use to receive a patron account.
·       Patron Accounts are for personal use only. Classroom or other public use is prohibited. If you are a University or Public Librarian, you will not use eLibraryUSA to help students, to add to your collections of University or Library databases, nor to perform research for anyone else.
·       Patrons cannot share their eLibraryUSA accounts with others.
·       By submitting the registration form, you pledge to keep your password private, and not to share or reveal your password to anybody.
·       Patrons who violate the terms of use accounts will be cancelled.

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