Online ITC capacity development for teachers via teaching with technology (TWT) program of Microsoft

Teaching with Technology – TwT – is a series of courses developed by Microsoft with contribution f-rom many teachers and education administrators all over the world. The courses were designed to provide teachers with necessary technology skills and useful resources to enhance learners’ outcome. The TwT program includes many elaborately designede-learning lessons and self-assessment tests after each lesson. There are also placement tests to help teachers identify their weakness and customize their professional development plan. The TwT program has 6 courses and all were built on the ICT capacity framework promulgated by UNESCO.
TwT program is one of several teacher capacity building programs available in Microsoft Partners in Learning network. The network now has more than 4 million members who are teachers and education administrators f-rom 119 countries. It is considered as one of the biggest social networks for education in the world. The website ( supports 36 languages with many free software programmes, tools f-rom Microsoft and lesson plans or materials developed by the teacher community. The TwT program can be found in the Professional Development tab of the website (please see Figure 1).
Figure1: Sign in for
Registration for is quite easy. Within a few minutes, teachers can register for a Microsoft account or use their own Facebook or email accounts (Figure 1). After logging in, all TwT resources are accessible under the Professional Development tab. At the moment, there are 6 following free courses in TwT program.

Why promote technology literacy
This course helps teachers develop an overview of the ICT capacity framework for teachers built by UNESCO. It also helps teachers understand the connection between socio-economic policies and activities in the classroom. Besides, developing 21st century skills for learners through ICT integrated learning activities is also addressed. The minimum time amount required for the course is 4 hours 15 minutes.
Figure2: Learning about knowledge based economy and educationin “Why promote technology literacy” course

How technology and pedagogy mix
The course helps teachers learn about useful ICT tools and how to use them to achieve more in learning activities. The time required for completing this course is 7 hours.
Figure3: Explore ICT solutions for different scenariosin “How technology and pedagogy mix”

Organize and manage the use of ICT in the classroom
The course focuses on ICT solutions for different teaching situations. The 3 most popular situations discussed are 1 computer for 1 student, 1 computer for several students and 1 computer for the whole class. Major topics in the course include individualized teaching, collaborative learning, group work, organizing learning activities in multimedia language labs etc. The minimum time required for this course is 6 hours 30 minutes.
Figure4: Solutions for classroom management in “Organize and manage the use of ICT in the classroom”
Se-lecting ICT resources to support curriculum outcomes
The course begins with 21st century changes in education and challenges that teachers need to address in order to develop the 21st century skills for learners. Then, suggested solutions are given through finding good teaching resources, evaluating the resources and integrating them in teaching. The course needs at least 5 hours 25 minutes to complete.
Figure5: A quiz for teacherin "Se-lecting ICT resources to support curriculum outcomes”

Using basic ICT tools to support teaching and learning
This course introduces popular hardware and software together with ideas about how to use them effectively in teaching. The minimum time required for the course is 10 hours 40 minutes.

Figure6: Learning about hardware equipment in “Using basic ICT tools to support teaching and learning”


Technology literacy and your professional development
This course helps teachers to identify their goals in teaching and the necessary steps to build their ICT competency and apply what they have learnt to transform their teaching. The course also suggests ideas for teachers’ professional development and building up PD plans. The minimum time required for the course is 3 hours.
Figure7: TwT badge showing in teacher profileafter finishing the professional development program
All courses are free. During the entire program, progress will be saved for each lesson. After completing all 6 courses, TwT badge will show up in the teacher profile. If interested, teachers can participate in the MCE (Microsoft Certified Educator) exam to get a globally recognized certificate. The MCE exam covers all topics discussed in the 6 courses of TwT.
Người đăng:Nguyễn Ngọc Vũ, Ph.D. –Department of English, HCMC University of Education